I was born in Istanbul. My interest in photography started by nicking one of my father’s cameras when I was in primary school and taking promiscuous photos all around. I wish I could say that my works were one of its kind, or state-of-the-art and that I was a photography genius, but no luck there. My enthusiasm weakened and I was left with dozens of blurry photos. Later on, when I was a high schooler, I met some decent manual cameras and I was infected by the virus: I fell for photography. That was followed by my meeting with the digital cameras and then we were like “peas and carrots” as the famous Forrest Gump quote says. 

I did a degree in Public Relations and then another one in Business Administration and added a certificate in Advertising to that list, however; none of these put me off the photography. When it was year 2004, enough was enough, I took the plunge and started a new career in photography by taking catalogue, still life, birth, wedding and fashion photos. 

As years went by, I felt that happy moments in life I immortalized blessed me with countless pleasures and I decided to specialize in birth and wedding photography. Albeit still interested in product, still life and catalogue photography, it is a whole different joy for me to photograph a feeling. So here I am to catch the happy moments in your life and present them to you in Cigdem Karabacak style.